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Q - Does my puppy include a package if he is being shipped?

A- YES! We mail you a bo with everything a few days before your puppy is shipped so you have it when your new kid arrives.

Stuff toy that has been with the litter will be sent home with your puppy and will help with the new start to life.

Samples of these that we have started your puppy on and require for the extended genetic health guarantee.  

We provide you with a starter size bottle (good for about 25 baths) of this Natural puppy shampoo. it will keep your puppy smelling great!

Bell and Training information on teaching your dog to hit the bell to notify you that he/she has to go potty.

Supply Catalog to help with any needed supplies, treats that can we shipped right to your door and have amazing deals that you cant find in stores!

Our Puppy Packages Include ~

Each of our puppies are seen by a Vet and passed a clean bill of health before going home. We provide you will a copy of that along with shot and worming records to get you and your new family member off to a good start!

Baggy of puppy food that we have started you puppy on, Check out our 'foods' page for more information

We are here when you need us! Call or Text me for any questions at any time, Providing lifetime care support. We consider you family once you have one of our fur kids.

Care information Packet

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