Thomas Daniels


NewARK, Ohio

 I have always been a dog person ever since I was a little kid. My grandmothers dog Mandy was a miniature Schnauzer and was one of my favorites, I used to beg to go over and take her for walks around town. My love for training and grooming came alive.  My passion for dogs began getting stronger as I grew older. On my 7th Birthday my mom brought me a home a Chihuahua and we named him Buck and my passion for the breed started there. He lived an amazing 12 years and was such a fantastic dog. This led me to want to be a part of raising these amazing breeds although I have owned, bred and shown many breeds of dogs the Chihuahua and Miniature dachshund are my top favorites. They both make excellent family pets and are the perfect size for traveling with you on vacations and family functions. We always say "They are like potato chips you can just have one!"


 Now a full time business owner of a busy grooming, training facility and a hobby kennel keeps me very busy but I would not change anything. These dogs are like my children and are cared for the same way! I welcome you to call me anytime to schedule an appointment to come out and see our facility and the mothers and fathers to the fur kids.

​ Our goal here at Backwoods is to raise top quality Miniature Dachshunds and Chihuahua's that meet there breed standards to the top. We want good body structures, great personalities along with great lifetime health.